Fourth Generation Wise County Resident

Paul Belew is a Decatur native, graduating from Decatur High School in 1982. After passing the bar, he returned to Wise County to start his legal career.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Belew has a background in criminal defense and has been practicing law for more than 25 years. He travels throughout the State of Texas defending and not judging the rights of the accused in State and Federal Criminal Defense matters: he travels nation-wide.  In fact, Paul has an extensive background in defending complicated Federal Criminal cases, including complicated multi-national criminal conspiracies.

Conservative Politician

This may surprise some, with his background as a criminal defense attorney, trying probably 200 or 250 cases, a lot of people associate that with him being a little bit of a liberal. He just wanted to clear up or solidify his political position as opposed to his professional position.

Belew wants to see the state cut its dependence on the federal government. He also wants to see the state pursue new revenue streams from expanding gambling to include casinos. He is also favors the legalization of THC and marijuana as an additional revenue source.

Wants "Texas More, Texas Again"

At one point Texas used to be a great destination state. Now Galveston beach is closed down basically and their economy is decimated from COVID. It’s nobody’s fault but he thinks it was handled maybe incorrectly. In talking with his political friends, going to these [Conservative] political meetings, his views align with that. He thinks we need someone willing to say what’s on their mind.